Research on Youth Trends

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  • Info on Economic Impact of Droputs - The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network (NDPC/N) was begun in 1986 to serve as a clearinghouse on issues related to dropout prevention and to offer strategies designed to increase the graduation rate in America's schools.. Added: 2010-01-13, Hits: 1795, more
  • Kids Count Data Book - Profiles by State give you detailed information about a single state, the U.S. or D.C.. Added: 2007-11-13, Hits: 1106, more
  • National Institute of Drug Abuse Research Reports - This series of reports simplifies the science of research findings for the educated lay public, legislators, educational groups, and practitioners. The series reports on research findings of national interest(English and Spanish). . Added: 2007-07-12, Hits: 845, more
  • Obesity and school attendance - PHILADELPHIA -- In the first study of how weight may affect school attendance, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University have found that overweight children are at greater risk of school absenteeism than their normal-weight peers. Added: 2007-08-11, Hits: 4221, more
  • Parents, Teens, & Technology - Teens and their parents1 often have similar technology profiles in the gadgets they use and the frequency with which they use them.. Added: 2007-10-25, Hits: 1005, more
  • Poverty Takes Root in South's Public Schools - A report by the Southern Education Foundation reports that majority of kids in public schools in south are poor.. Added: 2007-10-30, Hits: 3552, more
  • Profile of a Modern Marriage - Some 62% of adults say sharing household chores is very important to marital success. On this question, there's virtually no difference of opinion between men and women; or between older adults and younger adults; or between married people and singles. Added: 2007-10-25, Hits: 1171, more
  • Report Reveals High Parent Frustration with America’s High Schools - All parents know their involvement in their child’s education is vital; however, a study reveals that parents feel their children’s high schools don’t provide them with needed information to be effective in helping students' success.. Added: 2008-10-24, Hits: 1204, more
  • Research about Fathering - These research findings will provide convincing evidence that restoring responsible fatherhood is a critical priority for our children, families, communities and nation.. Added: 2008-10-27, Hits: 2827, more
  • Research Briefes on the Fragile Family - These short summaries highlight recent research findings and suggest policy implications on issues related to child well-being and the social and economic circumstances faced by unwed parents.. Added: 2007-01-20, Hits: 3438, more
  • Research by the Search Institute - This provides research completed by the Search Institute on various subjects, many involving youth and the 40 assests model.. Added: 2006-10-12, Hits: 3263, more
  • Research National League of Cities - This includes research reports on strengthening families, with and emphasis on youth. Added: 2006-10-12, Hits: 863, more
  • Research of Fatherhood - We believe that beyond one’s personal experience, these research findings will provide convincing evidence that restoring responsible fatherhood is a critical priority for our children, families, communities and nation.. Added: 2011-06-27, Hits: 1477, more
  • Spirituality and Adolescent Well-Being: Selected New Statistics - On a variety of measures, religiously active and spiritual youth are doing better than their less involved, less spiritual peers. The following specific results refer to young people who participate in religious community an hour or more a week (that. Added: 2007-07-12, Hits: 843, more
  • Teen Births: Examining the Recent Increase - In 2006, a fourteen-year decline in the teen birth rate was interrupted by a small increase. The absolute number of births to teens also increased... Added: 2008-10-24, Hits: 841, more
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